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Australia's Endangered Animals

Home to some of the most extravagant, eccentric and dangerous animals, Australia also has some of the most endangered wildlife in the world.

australia endangered animals

Our unique marsupials and monotremes are a source of pride, but Australia also has the dubious honour of one of the highest extinction rates of any nation.

"Importantly, research clearly shows that biodiversity contributes significantly to our survival, well-being and enjoyment of life, so when we lose species at the rates that we're currently witnessing, we should be gravely concerned," says Dr Euan Ritchie an ecologist at Deakin University in Melbourne. Built on a fragile balance of predators and prey, Australia's various ecosystems are highly susceptible to change. When human intervention consistently alters an ecosystem, this balance can be upset, seriously threatening the biodiversity. (From an article by Julian Jantos, Australian Geographic Magazine, October 2012)

At Saving Leo we're good at helping our members find great deals. That's what we do best. So, we donate the majority of the profits we make to help other people do what they do best – in this case, saving Australia's endangered animals!

Your activity on our site helps us to achieve this goal. Thank you for your support!

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